The dining table and the chairs were conceived simultaneously, upon the request of a client. In order to crate coherency of expression, both have been developed with according structural and aesthetic principles. Bridle joints connecting the round legs to the frontal aprons and loose tenon joins binding the latter with the longitudinal aprons provide enhanced stability, resistance to stress and durability. What’s more, the bridle joints make a soft but definite visual statement about the high level of craftsmanship that that went into the manufacturing of the set. Visually, the front aprons, at the beginning of the tenon, extend above the legs thus creating a slight impression of the table top and the chairs seats as if they were floating, adding lightness to the composition. To further enhance this feeling, the lower edges of table top and chair seats have been chamfered.

The material used is solid oak sustainably sourced and processed. The wood comes from a single tree from northern Germany. Thanks to an accurate selection of wood for the different elements from rough lumber, we have ensured the highest standards of strength and resistance to stress while at the same time paying respect to the visual nature and uniqueness of the material. The chairs and the base of the table are made of rift- and quarter-sawn sections, providing stability and, thanks to the predominantly parallel grain figure, they express a vertical and quite solidity. To make the table top flat-sawn sections of the planks have been used: with their U- and V-shaped patterns they maximize the elegance and aesthetic personality of oak. The planks have been chosen so that, when glued, they blend together thus creating a uniform and coherent design.


Beech:   26000,- Dkk

Ash:   27000,- Dkk

Douglas fir:   28500,- Dkk

Oak:   29500,- Dkk

Walnut:   31000,- Dkk

(Prices are for the piece with measurements L 125 x B 70 x H 74. However, custom dimensions are welcomed. Feel free to inquire about possible customization and how they will affect the price)