The Villa Nova Table is a contemporary dining table inspired by Japanese and Danish furniture aesthetic. The base is assembled with tee- and half blind bridle joints providing maximal stability and durability while at the same time showing the high level of craftsmanship that goes in their production. The table top is made by using only the best parts of the selected timber, to ensure the utmost expression of the tree’s own uniqueness and aesthetic personality.


Beech:   36000,- Dkk

Ash:   37000,- Dkk

Douglas fir:   38500,- Dkk

Oak:   39500,- Dkk

Walnut:   41000,- Dkk

(Prices are for the piece with measurements L210 x B90 x H74 cm. However, custom dimensions are welcomed. Feel free to inquire about possible customization and how they will affect the price)